My Buddha Journey

Hello all!

For those of you that have followed me for a while know that one of my biggest aspirations is to become a monk. WELL! I have received permission from my root teacher to request ordination!!! 😀

I was almost brought to tears when I heard words of acceptance flow through my ears. For years I have been contemplating, preparing, and praying for this auspicious moment. 

It will still be some though. I am aiming for April. When’s a better time to give everything up than during my birthday month!

There is still LOTS to do beforehand, of course. I have an entire life to leave behind. I’m mostly referring to all my “stuff” that I have been trying to give away or sell recently. 

I just wanted to share this amazing news with y’all. Every question ever asked has also been part of my development, my contemplation, and meditation. All those questions allowed me to create a book to share with the world! That has been truly a blessing.

Of course I will continue to write, share, and teach. 

Smile and be well!