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Starting a puzzle that initially just came out of the box is a bit overwhelming and daunting at first sight. The box contains a sea of pieces piled together like a sand pile that we slowly and diligently place together piece by piece in its’ fitting location. With each conversation, each hug, and every kiss; as you get to know someone, every piece comes to naturally fit and begin compliment each other like puzzles. What initially began as a couple of pieces that fit together from first dates gradually culminates with time, and just for a moment the puzzle looked finished.

Heartbreak is when the puzzle looks near complete, yet you suddenly realize that a couple of the pieces are missing. Perhaps they were never in the box in the first place or perhaps they went missing along the way, but the puzzle remains undone. You frantically search the box and the area around you to find the missing pieces, but it becomes a search for something that simply isn’t there. We must come to a resolute understanding that this was what the puzzle was meant to look like all along. There is no way to fill these holes and voids other than to scatter the puzzle, and truly once more give yourself the chance to love.


Forrest Curran

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