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1. With a unique sense of tastelessness, water symbolizes a mind at peace. Not bitter, never sweet, nor sour; the taste of water essentially is the gratefulness and appreciation that we have for the water and the life that a gulp brings. Pay attention to the taste of water, and rightly appreciate it for the life it brings.

2. Rocks and boulders of all sizes make up the riverbed, constantly trying to impede the flow of water; however, water finds a way to effortlessly glide along the rough crevices and always advances forward. Let your happiness glide over those rocks like water. 

3. Only our lover will ever know the gentle ways that water touches our body as we bathe. Let water glide along your body into the gradual realization that if water can touch our insecurities and our curves so peacefully, we can do the same.


Forrest Curran

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