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With you support, I will be donating 10,000 Kilograms of rice to the Aranh School in Siem Reap, Cambodia through a 501©(3) registered charity, Caring for Cambodia. CFC sponsors students to attend school free of costs for students whom come from disadvantaged socio economic backgrounds. CFC has a program called, Food for thought, which sponsors meals breakfast and lunch to make sure every student has a meal to eat.

* This campaign beneficiary is tied directly to the account of Caring for Cambodia, which means CFC will be directly receiving funds from Gofundme. Funds will be 100% directly be going towards Caring for Cambodia’s Food for Thought Program as part of Gofundme’s Certified charity program.

How to Help:

1. Donate to our fundraising campaign to purchase 10,000 kilograms of rice for schools in Cambodia that sponsor children attendance free of cost.

2. Reblog this post so that as many people can see this campaign.

Thanks you for your support of my project in Cambodia,

Forrest Curran

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