opalstream: Affirmation In church or temple, …


In church or temple, in prayer mood,
My vagrant thoughts against me stood,
And held my mind from reaching Thee
And held my mind from reaching Thee.
Teach me to own again, oh own again
My matter sold mind and brain,
That I may give them to Thee,
In prayer and ecstasy,
In meditation and reverie.

The Hardest Obstacle to Overcome is Yourself

When you sit to meditate at night, your nervousness and restlessness are still with you. Learn to control your mind and body. Be king of yourself. Carry within you a portable heaven, and in life or in death, in heaven or in hades, that inner heaven will be with you. Pray deeply, sincerely, “O God, I yearn to know You. You must answer me!” and next morning pray again, “Lord, You must come to me!” and pray again the next night in the same way, in the language of your heart; if you keep on, He must respond. But when you pray halfheartedly, while thinking in the back of your mind about something else, He knows He is not first with you, and He does not respond.

-Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest, p 131; Affirmation, Scientific Healing Affirmations. P 68.